"sashimi" Cruise drieverless


another spotted driverless car called "sashmi"

A cruise driverless vehicle is an autonomous vehicle designed and developed by Cruise Automation, a self-driving car company that was acquired by General Motors in 2016. These vehicles are equipped with a variety of sensors, cameras, and software that allow them to operate without a human driver.

The Cruise driverless technology is designed to enable vehicles to perceive their surroundings, analyze sensor data, and make decisions on how to navigate roads and traffic safely. Cruise driverless vehicles have undergone extensive testing in various cities, including San Francisco and Phoenix.

In recent years, Cruise has been working with various partners to develop and deploy driverless vehicles for ride-hailing and delivery services. The company aims to provide a safe, reliable, and convenient transportation solution that can reduce traffic congestion, improve mobility, and enhance the overall transportation experience for passengers.

We have another one called "Sashmi" spotted @ Bush St & Leavenworth St Lower Nob Hill San Francisco Californi