DACIA DUSTER LPG Power Boosting 

Unveiling the Plug & Drive Solution for Dacia Duster 

Have you ever heard that there are usable methods and devices on the secondary market for increasing the power of vehicles that run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)? Well, we just heard about it, and we couldn't resist sharing the story from our immediate neighborhood.

Car tuning as a concept is not unfamiliar to our car enthusiasts. On the contrary, we all have at least one friend who has enhanced the performance of their vehicle, even if just a bit. What did they do? Technically speaking, tuning in the so-called Phase 1 involves changes to the central computer unit (ECU), which modify the basic engine operating parameters. These changes primarily concern modifications to the injection system, ignition, or turbocharger pressure, all aimed at increasing the power of the drivetrain.

Generally, these actions are taken to further improve sports cars or those with better-than-average performance, but it doesn't mean that "civilian" models cannot be enhanced as well.

Diesel cars are often subjected to power upgrades, as modern diesel engines have proven to be quite responsive in that regard. They typically feature at least one turbocharger, the boost pressure of which can be further regulated, directly influencing the engine's output.

However, Romanian media reports claim to have found a device whose sellers promise additional firepower for LPG-powered engines, specifically for the second-generation Dacia Duster models manufactured after 2018.

The price of this device, which brings more "gas-powered horses," is 480 Romanian Leu, equivalent to around a hundred euros. It is supposed to be easy to install and function according to the "plug and play" principle. Thanks to the manufacturer's Plug & Drive system, installation takes just a quarter of an hour, and anyone can do it without the assistance of professionals.

A power increase of 30% is promised, but that sounds quite unrealistic. The reason we say this is because the drivetrain optimized for LPG combustion fundamentally has a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter gasoline engine, so it's hard to expect such stimulation to squeeze more power out of that type of engine. If the mentioned engine had a turbocharger, the tuning potential would be significantly higher. You can read about the test of the LPG-powered Dacia Duster by clicking on this link.

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