Electric Powertrain CONVERSION Kit for Classic Mini Cars  

Electrogenic's new electric powertrain kit for classic Minis offers an affordable and easy solution for converting petrol engines with up to 80 miles of range. Discover the latest EV technology. 

Electrogenic, a UK-based company renowned for electrifying iconic cars such as the Citroën DS, Land Rover Defender and Jaguar E-Type, has recently introduced a pre-assembled powertrain kit for classic Mini cars. The kit comes with a water-cooled electric motor which generates 60bhp and 100lb ft and is coupled with a fixed-ratio gearbox. This electric motor delivers similar power as the 1997-2000 Rover Mini's twin-port-injection variant, producing 63bhp and 70lb ft. However, it is a significant upgrade from the original 1959 Mini's 34bhp, 44lb ft powerplant (formerly called the Austin Seven).

The conversion kit's 20kWh battery pack can offer up to an 80-mile range in urban areas where the motor can regularly recuperate energy while driving in stop-and-go traffic and at low speeds. The range is likely to decrease significantly on highways. However, an extended-range variant that includes a secondary battery installed in the boot will be available soon.

The Electrogenic package includes a Type 2 charging port that can be reached via a newly designed front grille with a cable cutout. The conversion process does not require any structural modifications to the Mini's original design, making it reversible. The Electrogenic conversion kit can be installed easily by swapping out the petrol engine with a new subframe that includes the electric powertrain, and wiring it to the dashboard.

Electrogenic Mini kit will be available for purchase this fall, starting at £15,000 (excluding VAT). According to Steve Drummond, Electrogenic's co-founder, the new drop-in kit has been created to cater to customer demand for an affordable and easy-to-install solution that provides superior electric performance using the latest-generation EV powertrain technology.

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